AIM: The purpose of the CMS3 Summer School is integrating interdisciplinary training that allows students to develop skills and knowledge in a range of subjects, specifically in the field of models of cell, biomaterials, tissue engineering and molecular dynamic simulation. Scientists of the Research Establishment based at Rome-Tor Vergata will organize this School. This Research Establishment, with its unique set of advanced instrumentation and technologies, provides a strong technical infrastructure for the School.  It combines world-class advanced sensors; precise analytical methods; enhanced imaging capabilities, and sophisticated computational tools for characterizing and modelling cells. During the course target group of pprox.15-18 PhD and post-doc students from all over World will brought together. Thirteen outstanding scientists will be invited to come over for the lectures and discuss their work from different countries: Germany, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Closing date for applications is May 14th 2018

 No fee is due


  • Facilitate an effective sharing and dissemination of new and innovative research ideas, strategies and focal points on biomedical applications of model systems
  • Make top level equipment and instrumentation available at Research Establishment of CNR based at Rome-Tor Vergata for practical training on: i) membrane model systems and protocell, ii) biosensors and nanostructures, iii) advanced technique in microscopy, iiii) dynamic molecular simulation.
  • Create a platform for discussing research experiences among different partners (lecturers, scientist and students) with a combination of different ages, skills, disciplines and thinking (‘cross-cultural competency) in a very open atmosphere.
  • Promote joined and integrated approaches from basic research and new product developments.

The CMS3 summer school presents characteristics of originality:

  • A new project in Italy for the mixing of theoretical and practical approaches.
  • No other schools are present in Europe on this specific topic.

The CMS3 summer school presents characteristics of competition:

  • Make top level equipment and instrumentation available to a wide interdisciplinary community at European and international level
  • First summer school with an interdisciplinary character in comparison to others usually at one topic.


  • Promoting common learning experiences and discussing the latest breakthrough technologies on the issues above indicated and how to make use of them with a positive follow-up for the Universities and/or Research Centers where the Attendees operate.
  • Promote communication between scientists and allow a network development between scientists and students from several world countries.
  • Training young researchers to the ‘transdisciplinarity’, a key work skill needed in the future, providing supporting skills, know-how and access to technologies in multidiscipline: physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics.
  • Developing of new small and medium enterprises at biotechnological level in medicine and

biology.  The transferred knowledge can represent seeds for future breakthrough ideas.

The presence of industrial players and scientists with close links to companies will stimulate possible actions to accelerate the mandatory transition from laboratory to the market.