1) Biomedical applications of magnetic-based engineered nanostructures - (Teresa Pellegrino)

2) Developmental approaches to create new organ - (Christodoulos Xinaris)

3) Compartmentalized reactions as models for biological cells - (Pasquale Stano)

4) Functionalized Nanoparticles and Nanocapsules as Markers and Nanocarriers in Biomedical Applications - (Katharina Landfester)

5) Laboratory: Giant Vesicles preparation - (Paolo Carrara, Alfonsina Ramundo-Orlando)

6) Isotope Edited Infra-Red Spectroscopy - (Isahia Arkin)

7) Laboratory: Lipid vesicles Preparation - (Erica D’Aguanno, Alfonsina Ramundo-Orlando)

8) Lipid Vesicles as Biomimetic Systems - (Peter Walde)

9) Membrane reconstitution systems for the investigation of peptide-lipid interaction - (Thomas Gutsmann)

10) Microfluidic platforms for studying central nervous system disorders - (Michele Zagnoni)

11) Micromachined Devices for Biosensing - (Fabio Di Pietrantonio)

12) Stochastic simulations of minimal cell model systems - (Fabio Mavelli)

13) Triggering Molecular Dynamics Simulations - (Isahia Arkin)

14) From stem cells to new organs in regenerative medicine of liver and pancreas (Vincenzo Cardinale & Domenico Alvaro)

15) Construction of novel and more functional protocells for synthetic biology (Emiliano Altamura)

16) Synthetic cell systems: integrin-liposomes and protein composite nanofiber (Dorothea Brüggemann)

17) Laboratory: Materials and devices for advanced system based on flexible electronics (Luca Maiolo, Antonio Minotti)

18) Laboratory: Biosensors (Massimilaino Benetti, Domenico Cannatà, Fabio Di Pietrantonio)

19) Laboratory: Molecular Dynamic Simulations ( I.T. Arkin, F. Reale)