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  • Facilitate an effective sharing and dissemination of new and innovative research ideas, strategies, focal points on cell model systems to promote genomic research and bioinformatics that are starting points for instance of the systems biology and future research in this field.
  • Promote communication between scientists and allow a network development between scientists and students from several world countries.
  • Create a platform for discussing research experiences in a very open atmosphere Students have the opportunity to interact with speakers in a full time appointments, during the lessons and afterwards at the accommodation provided at the hotel close to the summer school.
  • Promote joined and integrated approaches from basic research and new product developments
  • Provide knowledge in a concentrated form in a planned compendium book for all interested scientists and students as a up to date teaching tool


  • Make top level equipment and instrumentation (optical and electronic microscopy, Ultra- Vacuum, microsystems and microelectronics, techniques in model membrane, bioinformatics) for characterizing and modelling cells available to a wide interdisciplinary community at European and International level.
  • First summer school with theoretical lectures and practical exercises during the 5 days course.
  • First summer school with an interdisciplinary character in comparison to others at one topic (e.g., “Bioinformatica” University of Bologna, “Genomic vegetal” European Networking Summer School).


  • Training of 70-80 young international post-doc along 5 years in multidiscipline: physic, engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics
  • Developing of new small and medium enterprises at biotechnological level in medicine and biology.

These goals sound very ambitious and idealized.  However, the basis for the cooperation is trust in the partner.  This trust has to be developed step by step and is mainly founded on personal contacts.  The summer school is a stepping-stone towards this.  It brings together potential partners and through the personal contact creates an important basis for the future, trust-based cooperation. The developing partnership comprises “teachers”, “students” as well as the group of organizers.  This partnership will be expanded step by step.